My Voice (Poem)

My voice.

What does it sound like to you?

Silent as the grave

Meaningless as a breath of wind

Useless as a dull knife.

My voice.

It can offer no hope

It promises no peace

It produces no joy

All on my own.

My voice,

Apart from the Maker,

Is void.

His voice.

What does it sound like?

Alive as the cry of an infant

As truthful as truly the sun rests in the sky

As effective as the arrow pierces the heart.

His voice.

It offers the only hope

It promises the only peace.

It produces the only joy

All on His own.

His voice,

Apart from all His creation,

Is true.


Why should He

Offer these words to me?

I tremble to place these living words in my mouth!

Ah! But He

He never leaves me

His Spirit inside me

Will guide me in the Way.

(Do not follow the heart

It will lead you astray)

Truth can never change

And Truth must be obeyed.

Spirit of God

Lead me on.

Your Word never fails,

Your Will will prevail

Now and forevermore.



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