My Inspiration

My inspiration
It comes from the Lord’s mouth
Straight from a book
To my eyes
To my head
To my heart
To my fingers
They move
They press
They create a story
That you perhaps find interesting
Perhaps you smile
Or frown
Either way I hope
I hope it makes you think
I hope it makes you read
Not my words over and over again
But the LORD’s words
Over and over and over again

In the beginning of it all
When the earth was full of darkness
When it was without form
In that moment of time
When there was no time
There was God
God hovered over the waters
Looking down at the nothingness
And for the first time
In recorded history
He opened His mouth
His good mouth
His holy mouth
And He spoke
“Let there be light!”
And what did happen
Was amazing indeed
The darkness did not rise up
It did not swallow His words whole
No, it was chased away
By the light He created
The light that God did declare
Was good
Created from His good mouth
His holy mouth

His voice rang out
And His words did not
No, they did not return void
That was how His Word began,
In the beginning,
And that fills me with inspiration
It lights my eyes with life
It makes me itch with hope
And a need to type

And then I think,
What about you?
You who read my poetry
You who seem to care
Do you have verses
That inspire your life?
Do you read His Word
And feel your heart beat
Your soul leap up for joy
And your eyes glitter with life?
Or do you see only darkness
On every page?


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