I went to see a concert last night, The Choir and Mike Roe.  They were amazing, as usual, but I can never bring up the courage to speak to them, and when opportunity knocks my mind goes numb and I have no idea what I want to say.  I wish I could tell them that they encourage me and I wish I could encourage them.  So this is my attempt to do that, God willing.

I saw you there

With your unkempt hair

Lights reflected on your blank stare

I could not see


I saw you there

With a beard and a glare

Off of your crown

Your eyes closed


I saw you there

With your eyes wide open

A smile and a kind word

You’ve always spoken


I saw you there

With long flowing hair

Bending your head

Your eyes I cannot see


All of you have

Been an inspiration

To family and me


You’ve encouraged our hearts

To keep on moving

Onward, Christian, onward


You’ve been

An inspiration to my heart

Musically, lyrically, and honestly


I see Him shining

In your words

In your souls as

You weave together

Songs of honesty

Songs of grace and mercy

Of how you felt when

Love spurned

But your holding on


I wish I could

Encourage you now

Hope you could see the light

On the other side

Remember God

He’s never far from your side

He’s sanctifying you

Making you

Into the glorious image

Of His Son


Be encouraged

Sons of the LORD

He’s abandoned

None of His own

Mercy will prevail even now

Suffering teaches more

Than just know how

Love is more than a feeling

And joy is not fleeting

Though the world drains

Our lives away

Our souls cry out for

The Living God


Be encouraged

The LORD has not

Forgotten you

Hold on tight

Live today

With silver pearls

And tomorrow will be new

One day tomorrow

Will be the Day

When sorrow ceases

And glory is revealed

You’ll see the One

You’ve hoped in so long

Face to face

Eternal love and grace

What joy will fill

Our hearts that day!

What joy will fill yours?


Be encouraged

Know the LORD more

Every day

Eternal life is in the knowing

And this I pray

Your safety in traveling

And your joy complete

In the knowing

Of our God


Passages thought of during the making of this were:

Galatians 6:6

James 1:2-4

Revelation 21

Romans 8:18-19, 28-30

John 17:3, 13-26

John 15:13-17


Mike Roe


The Choir


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