I was just meditating and I wrote this.  Thought I’d share.


What exactly is it?

That cold hard thing we all start to see and feel that transforms us from children to grown ups.

Taking up responsibility, laying down fantasies, and learning that life isn’t fair.


Stop your flying in the clouds and get on the hard ground in your chains.

Hold onto hope even when you know there cannot be one.


Feel that emptiness in your head?

When you’re so tired and you wonder whether you’re really alive– or are you dead?

When there’s no more inspiration and you have to lay it all to the side; you have to sacrifice what you feel to get done what is right.


Truly you have to seek out the truth and then hold on with all your might.

Choke out those cowards who run from the light and get angry at those who block your sight.


Stand up for the survival of your own.

Everyone on the outside is secondary, family is all that is necessary.

And when it all falls apart and you want to hide them from the pain, you know what you got to do: lie.

It’s all for their own good; all for love’s sake.

Just lie and wait for the atonement to wash you forgiven in the next life.

That’s reality.


It’s all just another game.

A much harder one from fighting dragons with invisible swords.

And although so many people died in my dreams, not so many people got hurt by the lies so it seems.

I’d rather claim fantasy as my world, than this reality every grown up has got to play.

But isn’t both just a mask?

A game so absurd?

A way to hide in the dark and follow your own light?

I can’t have either.

I can’t live either lie.

So I’ll just have to surrender to my God.

Let Him be glorified.

So you can have your reality.

You can have your fantasy.

But I got a real life without all the burdens.

This life be called: Sanctity.


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