Sometimes I fall down.

Sometimes I feel trampled into the ground.

Sometimes I feel sad.

Sometimes I run away and hide.

Sometimes I feel so bottled up inside it comes out as constant anger, frustration.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t feel happy all the time.

Sometimes that is how I am, perhaps for days or weeks.

But the result is always the same.

I know that I am scared of feeling so sad.

I know I am scared of facing the truth.

So instead I bury myself, run away and hide.

But in the end I must confess that there’s only one way to get through.

It’s to face the truth with You, LORD.

Jesus desires not for His children to scurry away and hide, cowering in the darkness.

Instead we ought to come exposed into the light.

Perhaps there will be pain, maybe no good feelings.

But there is truth, and a God who is above all and in all.

I don’t have to feel good all the time, just so long as I come to Him.

I don’t have to be afraid, He’s got the whole world in His hands.

I don’t have to hide away in misery, I can come to Him in truth.

Exactly as I am, come to Him exactly as He is.

LORD, thank You that You don’t demand a fake smile on my face.

Thank You for Yourself.

Thank You for the hope that You always bring.

Even though right now.

I am sad.


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