About My Voice

I wish to write. I wish to write about something worthwhile. I wish to write something I know. Something I know to be true. I wish to write something that points to God, not to me.

In “My Voice”, I am seeking to have a voice. This title was inspired by how difficult it is for me to speak to people in real life. When I am around people I don’t know, I either have no idea what to say or I’m afraid to say it. If they are acquaintances it becomes even worse because I want so bad to say something and think they expect me to say something, but in the end I end up avoiding them. I end up just avoiding everyone I don’t know well. And I’m ashamed of that fact.

The main thing I wish I would speak about more often is about my Lord, Jesus Christ, who saved me from the coming wrath of God- He redeemed me from my sin and clothed me in righteousness. I want to be able to talk to people about that because 1) Jesus told believers we should in the last chapter of Matthew and 2) I do not desire that anyone should go to Hell ignorant of what was to come. Yet still I am silent.

When I write, I want to write things that are true. What is more true, more worthwhile, more life-giving than the LORD’s Word? And I love to read it and want to study it more and I want to share it with those who will listen.

So here it is, My Voice. I pray that my voice is overpowered and inspired by the LORD’s Voice.


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